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Charles Ayer is an aspirating videographer from outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Raised on a healthy diet of Spielberg, Kubrick, and Coen Brothers’ films, Charles takes inspiration from a variety of influential directors and storytellers. Having made many short films and documentaries with his friends throughout high school, he first realized he wanted to pursue filmmaking after taking a foreign film class in his first year of college. After delving into foreign films such as the Pather Panchali trilogy, Bicycle Thieves, all of Ingmar Bergman’s features as well as The 100 Blows, he felt thoroughly motivated to make his passion into a career. Starting at June Taylor seemed like the logical next step in his career; serving as the videographer and curating videos tailored to June Taylor's image and aesthetic will be a significant stepping stone in his blossoming career.

Connor is a New York native now residing in Austin, Texas. His B.A. in Television & Film Arts with a Minor study in Theater Arts gives him a uniquely creative approach to world of Photography. He works well with every talent, keeping them zoned into a fun, creative and unique fashionable flow. A studio time with his direction has the perfect fitting for a professional and personal experience.

Paul has worked on both sides of the camera since his youth in California. Modeling for photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area he became taken with photography when his grandfather gave him a Leica CL camera and he was entranced with its ability to capture the nuances of the coastal light. Moving to Texas he continued his photography shooting everything from fashion shows and product shots to weddings. The Studio at June Taylor is a natural outgrowth of the photos taken for the store's website where customers, their dates, dogs, and children have all ended up in front of the camera simply by being in the store and joining our models when we were shooting.

Philip Solomon is the founder and owner of June Taylor